fg 2000 Kubus

A listed building requires to be preserved and maintained, but also to be taken into consideration when planning auxiliary buildings. Ms. Saalfeld was therefore every pleased that she was allowed to purchase the fg 2000 Kubus from the inheritors, which has been on the Feierbach company premises since the 1980s.

To that end, the interior furnishing and paneling had to be removed during the first assignment. This gave us the opportunity to precisely record all construction details and compare them with the house type. In the process, construction defects and water damage that mainly affected the wood paneling but also some the GRP were uncovered. Based on our experience with the fg2000 construction, we convinced the clients to do a partial disassembly. The cube was dismantled into 4 individual boxes, which were stable enough in themselves. This simplified transport and, above all, the installation The concrete proved to be a bit of an issue though. With a material thickness of approx. 13cm, it was quite unwieldy, which would have made it extremely difficult to move it. Fortunately, the clients decided to install wooden flooring instead. Thanks to the finesse of the construction company, the concrete could be removed quickly and practically without damage. The destruction was limited to the 40-year-old and then very brittle and sensitive GRP layer of the floor elements, since it was completely and likely constantly submerged under water. In particular, the GRP in the entrance loggia was torn several times.

The disassembly in Altenstadt took us three days in wet and sub-zero weather conditions; the subsequent assembly in Erkerode right after took a total of one and a half days for all the fg 2000 boxes.

The end piece with five closed sides was used as the starting point for the installation, as it is inherently stable. The other boxes were then lifted into position and then, with the help of slight jiggling by the technicians, we were able to insert the first bolts on each side. The slow and steady tightening of all nuts and bolts by hand lined the fg2000 boxes up into their correct positions. Thankfully, no new holes needed to be drilled.

After applying a plastic sheeting as temporary rain protection, the work was accomplished.

Client: Ms. Saalfeld / Mr. Glaser, Erkerode

relocate a fg 2000 Kubus
Execution: 2018