One residential building of the fg 2000 buildings developed as a prefabricated system by Wolfgang Feierbach is located in Erkerode, Lower Saxony. This as high quality single-family house from the 1960s / 70s with the typical color and shape motifs of this architecture and design era.

The fg 2000 today: The permanent stress on the entire roof cladding from the varying weather conditions shows an apparent effect after 35 life. In addition, due to the large span widths of up to 10m and especially the expansion or compression of the material due to the temperature fluctuations, there is a permanent sealant problem at the seams, which has been partially remedied by overlaminate or flat roof seals. After a detailed inspection, observation and discussions with the owner in Erkerode and others, the entire roof cladding will be covered with a continuous, flexible protective layer. Since the building has been listed since 2008, special attention will be paid to maintaining the original gelcoat coating as well as roof edges.

fg 2000 in Erkerode