A place to dream, to doze and to nestle yourself into.
A den to relax, enjoy a book or experience music.
A private little hideaway.

„A tiny room organically shaped. Design for the body, mind and soul.“

Two intersecting spheres generate a 1.8 m long freeform lounge chair.

Due to the choice of material, a high-performance glass-hemp fiber reinforced thermoset, the entire couch can be produced in one piece with a wall thickness of only 2-3mm.  The gelcoat and Lacquer finish provide a long-lasting protection and can be ordered in almost every RAL color.

The edge is realized as an inwards directed semicircle. This gives the lounger a high rigidity while also serving as a carrying aid and concealed attachment of the internal padding.

The moon is available in two models. An comfortable upholstered lounge chair for interior use and loose cushened version for the exterior area like a terrace. The moon lounge chair is upholstered throughout its entire interior and can be covered with an imitation fur from the mohair fabric supplier of the world-famous Steiff company for instance. The Steiff Schulte weaving company has been producing the high-quality plush for the toy and teddy bear manufacturer of the same name since 1901.

The piece of furniture is set on a padded fabric ring.
The entire manufacturing process is done by hand. Made in Germany.
A person can position moon. individually by shifting its center of gravity on the ring.
The upright lounger can be lifted by means of a rotary motion through doors (with at least 82cm opening width, max 25cm opening depth, at least 50cm free wall area next to the door).

Currently on display in the Meiser showroom 'Home of living', Leipzig (opposite the main railway station)