Prof. Dr.-Ing. From 1982-87 Elke Genzel studied civil engineering at the Technical University of Leipzig, specializing in constructive engineering, with subsequent assistantship in the fields mathematics and computer science.

From 1988 to early 1990 she oversaw exhibitions of contemporary art as the gallery owner of Galerie Wort und Werk Leipzig. Elke Genzel worked as a structural engineer in the engineering office H. Lassahn in Berlin in 1990, then in the engineering office for structural engineering Dr.-Ing. W. Binnewies in Hamburg until 1995.

As of 1995 she worked as a research assistant in the architecture faculty of the Bauhaus University Weimar for over ten years, from 2001 to 2005 thereof she spent her time in the interdisciplinary research group of engineers and architects FOMEKK specialising in material-appropriate design with fibre-reinforced plastics.

In December 2006 she received her doctorate Dr.-Ing. „Zur Geschichte der Konstruktion und der Bemessung von Tragwerken aus Faserverstärkten Kunststoffen − 1950-1980“ Supervisor Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ruth, Weimar; Prof. Dr.-Ing. e.h. Polonyi, Cologne.

Ever Since 2006 she has been a freelance structural engineer. Between 2009 and 2014 she was additionally employed at the Süddeutsche Kunststoffzentrum Halle (SKZ) in the field of construction/fiber composites. Among other things, she is currently responsible for the organization and management of specialist conferences, such as Composites in Architecture (CiA).

Since 2008, Elke Genzel has been teaching, researching and constructing in collaboration with Pamela Voigt on the subject of building with plastics within the private research group BAKU.

In 2012 she was appointed a professorship in the field of building maintenance at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences (HTW Berlin), civil engineering. In addition, she works as an expert in the construction monitoring association e.V., Hamburg (BÜV).

Since 1995 she runs her own office with emphasis on competition management and consulting, structural planning and concepts as well as design and approval planning

Cooperation with BHSS Architekten, Leipzig

Projects as a freelance structural engineer

2010: at H + W Ingenieure, Leipzig:

Kaiserstraße, Frankfurt Main

Conversion of a commercial building into apartments,
built in 1904, masonry construction, cap ceilings.

Architect: Homuth Architekten, Leipzig

Flaschenturm, Berlin
Reconstruction and extension of an industrial building to apartments
13000 sqm living space
built in 1929, reinforced concrete skeleton frame construction, mushroom slabs.
Architect: Homuth Architekten, Leipzig

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1990-1995 engineering office for structural engineering Dr.-Ing. W. Binnewies, Hamburg

Project management, design, approval planning, accounting
Excerpt from the project list of over 30 projects

Office and company buildings
with underground parking, building shell costs of 10-30 million DM each in Osnabrück, Neustrelitz, Soltau, Flensburg

Single-family house Feldmayer
Total construction costs 1.1 million DM
Architect and client: Feldmayer family, HPP Hamburg

Comprehensive school Hamburg Neustadt
Building shell costs: 10 million DM
Architect: Silcher + Werner, Hamburg

Protective support construction and renewal
Westwork and rose window of the Gothic church of St. Johann, Osnabrück
Architect: P+R Architekten, Hamburg

Fahning Haus, Neuer Wall Hamburg
Project management, facade preservation
Total construction costs approx. 25 million DM
Architect: Prof. Schweger, Hamburg

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