CiA: Composites in Architecture

The conference, which took place annually on two days in December 2009 to 2014, is intended to further increase the fascination for fiber composite materials and provide guidance for practical use at the same time.

It is intended to bring the following viewpoints together:

  1. the perspective of a pioneer and esteemed builder
  2. the point of view of a visionary
  3. the tried and tested view of various architects and engineers who are currently building or have built with FRP
  4. the point of view of a novice
  5. the material perspective (as well as the building physics)
  6. den konstruktiven Aspekt, also die Frage der Fügung
  7. the constructive aspect, like joints and seams the assessment of examining and approving institutions / persons
  8. the view of industry

On one hand, the materials and their applications should provide inspiration; on the other, the problems in construction should be expressed and experts should be able to be consulted about them.

Conference programs of the past years:

2009-2014: Conference concept and organization for the SKZ Halle (Süddeutsches Kunststoffinstitut), in close cooperation with Thoralf Krause, Halle site manager