BUCH ZWEI - Life in plastic buildings

How does it feel to live in a UFO? And, who lives in it?
The children who grew up in such a space capsule-like structure in the 1960s/70s say: quite normal. Her parents, however, had to be almost “naive and brain-drained” to venture such an experiment: living, working and loving in a plastic cave, a single large room or in small capsules. The new inhabitants of the UFOs, who discovered the now forgotten residential objects on the beach or in the forest, who saved them, say: they are liberating places of thought, thought expanders.

After studying plastic buildings in their first book, the authors are now focusing on the inhabitants and visitors of these extraordinary buildings. In personal stories and pictures, the book tells of people’s longing to be carried away from the present.

A longing that persists to this day.

Elke Genzel, Pamela Voigt

24 x 23 cm, 176 pages

German / English


sphere publishers, Leipzig

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