Architekturteilchen – Modulares Bauen im digitalen Zeitalter (Architectural Particles - modular building in the digital age)

The exhibition ,Architekturteilchen – Modulares Bauen im digitalen Zeitalter’ introduces the essential aspects of modular building in a comprehensive exhibition for the first time and then imparts them clearly on different levels of content with contemporary design elements. The aim is to use historical examples as well as current international architectural projects of our digital age to convey the topic. In addition to a historical overview of the building materials wood, stone, concrete, metal and plastic, the visitors get a concrete notion on the methods of modular thinking, technological innovations and future prospects.

The following excursion ‘Housing modules and urban development’ deals with concepts of modular construction on a large-scale and in an urban planning context. Presented along with the to some extent spectacular ‘architecture modules’ are various photographs, models, drawings, animations and films.

Catalog text
An overview of the historical development of building materials and technology

Object management

Director: Petra Hesse, Kuratorin: Aysin Ipekci
Scientific consulting: Oliver Fritz, Michael Hecker, Pamela Voigt

Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Köln (Museum of Applied Arts, Cologne)

Self-published catalog by MAKK 2012, 182 pages, paperback, Japanese binding, editor: Dr. Petra Hesse

May 12, 2012 until August 19, 2012 at the Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Köln (Museum of Applied Arts, Cologne) (MAKK)