2010 – 2012
The C³HOUSE GmbH Wolfen-Bitterfeld epitomizes a unique approach of developing and producing natural composites - "Natural Composite Panels (NCP)", new types of composite materials based on renewable raw resources as base materials for applications in architecture and construction.

Cooperation with
IWMH (Fraunhofer Institut für Werkstoffmechanik Halle)
SKZ (Süddeutsches Kunststoffzentrum, Halle)

The construction system should take following aspirations into account:

  • affordable housing
  • short construction time
  • comfort
  • healthy living environment
  • good acoustic insulation
  • low energy consumption during use
  • use of renewable and local resources
  • recyclability

A compact system that effectively solves the requirements for structural, building physics and weather protection

  • has a modular structure
  • is already combined in the factory to form large-scale elements using adhesives
  • excellent fire protection properties
  • outstanding insulation values
  • weight ~ 8,5 kg/m² for the sandwich panels  excluding the structural support

BAKU supported C3House GmbH in the design of the building system as well as sample objects, drawing up a catalog of requirements and specifications, drafting and planning a prototype and organizing the research cooperation.