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How does it feel to live in a UFO? And, who lives in it?

After studying plastic buildings in our first book, we are now focusing on the inhabitants and visitors of these extraordinary buildings. In personal stories and pictures, the book tells of people’s longing to be carried away from the present.

A longing that persists to this day.

The relocation of this plastic pavilion is currently in preparation. The KB Aachen is a as of yet completely unknown plastic structure from around 1967 in the area around Aachen.

The owner has not been able to provide that much information so far. For now we have named the structure; but we are still looking for further background information.

BILD Leipzig is publishing a special issue to commemorate the Bauhaus year. Presented within are designers from the region, including our moon. lounge chair!

Elke Genzel will give a lecture at the International Conference on Construction Research / Architecture, Engineering and Concrete - AEC / of the Eduardo Torroja Foundation

from November 21 to 23, 2018 in Madrid, Spain

lecture on the subject of: Heinz Hossdorf: ‘borders spoil everything’

Altenstadt / Hessen: The first actual step for the imminent relocation has been accomplished.

Clients and planners worked hard for two days straight in removing the entire interior, revealing oddities like wasp nests and mice, but also significant water damage to the timber substructure as well as the GRP! Fortunately, all of it could be repaired.

It was finally time. The BANGA was transported to Mallorca without any significant damage and successfully installed. Thankfully, any and all minor damage could be repaired on site.

Our client was able to admire BANGA (unfortunately only almost completed) at long last and was very enthusiastic about how large it is!

This year the conference is entirely dedicated to the subject of constructing sandwich elements.

How are they made, how are connect joined, what assessments can be done mathematically – and after 50 years of building with plastics it should also be asked: How does a sandwich behave across such a life cycle? Can the surprisingly rudimentary structures be refurbished, preserved and, if so, how?

We look forward to a concentrated program with you!

Regards, Elke Genzel

Without any lengthy waiting periods, a refurbished BANGA, an Italian design bungalow from the 1970s, is available for purchase. For more information, please contact me at:

I finally paid a visit Mr. Siegfried Funke and heard about his experiences in the construction of GRP containers using a winding method, GRP covers for silos and polystyrene foam domes. Many of these buildings, which were built 30-40 years ago, are now under preservation orders. But more importantly, they are fulfilling their purpose!

A short class for Elke Genzel's civil engineering students at the HTW in Berlin: producing a GRP panel with fabric and epoxy resin. The following week, tensile test of the strips cut from it.

Result: 50% fiber content  and decent values achieved.

The roof has been installed over the courtyard of the secondary school in Geislingen for over a year now. Besides a section on the south side that has darkened slightly, it looks great!

The roof has been installed over the courtyard of the secondary school in Geislingen for over a year now. Besides a section on the south side that has darkened slightly, it looks great!

Yesterday - during continuous rain, cold weather and in the mud - the first refurbished design garden house BANGA was successfully delivered and installed.

THANK YOU to everyone present. Grateful for the prevalent positive attitude despite the weather conditions.

The inheritors Dani Hettrich and Birgit Feierbach, the supporters and, of course, I myself were delighted with the overwhelming interest shown by approximately 100 visitors.

Industriestraße 6, Altenstadt/Hessen, GER

The fiberglass house - plastic house fg 2000 Prototype plastic house, built in 1968 can be toured on September 13, 2015 during the 'Tag des offenen Denkmals’ (public heritage access day).

Location: Industriestraße 6, 63674 Altenstadt, Waldsiedlung
Opening times: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Guided tours as required / film screenings: The Altenstadt residential building made of GRP from the Hessian broadcasting company


For the exhibition: ‘Schnongs auf Hitsche - Kunst und Alltag in Mitteldeutschland’ (Art and Everyday Life in Central Germany) of the Professional Association of Visual Artists Saxony-Anhalt e.V. I was allowed to design and also install the exhibition architecture and lighting. Special thanks goes to Ruth Heftrig for the wonderful collaboration.

On Friday, April 17th, 2015, the first two essentially completely refurbished plastic bungalows BANGA were presented on the factory premises and, more importantly, symbolically handed over to the two new owners.

Our Isler roof project will be presented by Pamela Voigt on Monday, December 1, 2014, 2:45 p.m. Elke Genzel will of course also be present.

Please also keep an eye out for the other promising speakers.

There was unfortunately no way to preserve this original roof for posterity. Only material samples could be preserved.

On August 11th, the original Isler roof was removed from the Daniel-Straub secondary school in Geislingen.

THANK YOU to everyone involved!

With the assistance of a crane and a total of 6 people, the 42 sandwich elements of the fg2000-Hauser were set up in under a week. The plastic house, first erected in 1975/76, begins its new life as  the fg2000-Bold in Bad Waldsee / Geisbeuren.

Our latest project finally became a reality after picking up the first 4 BANGAs form Italy. Two of the plastic bungalows have already found new owners and will be refurbished within the next few months.

Our office building is this year's Spot for the DesignersOpen!

Therefore, I will present our work and of course the plastic structures - previous and current - in a brief lecture on Tuesday, October 22, 2013. Following that another office with also hold a presentation as well as modest party on the 4th floor of the premises.

You are welcome to join us!

The 43 elements of the fg2000 are stored at their new site and are now being carefully cleaned and restored.

In the background you can see the main building of the property, which in our opinion will be a wonderful big brother for the plastic house.

The building elements of the fg 2000 were transported from Erkerode near Braunschweig to their new site in Bad Waldsee by mid-May. Seven people, a crane and, as always, a very courteous Ms. Saalfeld were engaged from 12 to 8 p.m. and loaded all 43 fg 2000 elements, windows and piping.

The weather conditions were very favourable only after everything was just loaded, the trucks locked and the crane dismantled, did a downpour occur.

THANK YOU to everyone involved, especially the new owners!

A few copies of the small, subtle, fully equipped and professionally refurbished plastic bungalow BANGA are now for sale!

If interested, we will gladly send you further information.

Pamela Voigt:

As I learned throughout the course of the week, the Bulle Six Coque is now in a workshop in Berlin and being treated with care. If everything goes as planned, it will probably be set up near the Futuro, across from the Plänterwald. I will be keeping my fingers crossed!

A big thank you to a friend of a client for the mentioned discovery.

This holiday home was designed in 1967 by the French architect Jean Maneval. The original design included centralized built-in furnishing along with a kitchen niche and shower / toilet in a living space of just 36m². The enclosing walls accommodated bunk beds as well as a seating area by the panorama windows.

Maybe this plastic structure could be our next project?

Welcome to our redesigned website!

In addition to documenting our past and current projects, we would also like to encourage communication with our visitors. Please send us any news, findings or information on building materials and components and, above all, on buildings made of plastics. We will then report on it.

Gradually, we will also be showcasing plastic structures discovered by us, particularly those that you can visit yourselves.