The task during the 2003 summer semester was the design and realization of self-supporting plastic recliner for outdoors. During the seminar, the students gained experience in designing, constructing and working with fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP). The main focus was on studying and utilizing the diversity of the material and concentrate on the sensual properties in addition to the structural capabilities.

The first workshop served as a form-finding exercise as well as a lesson in model building and manufacturing techniques experimentally approaching formwork with the aid of balloons, tubes and fabrics.

The introduction to designing and constructing with the fiber-reinforced plastic required to provide the students with the basic knowledge in the fields of materials science, construction, structural design, architecture and design history, manufacturing techniques as well as model and formwork construction. This was conveyed in the lectures accompanying the seminar.

T. Krause; S. Linne: Introduction, form finding, material, work safety, mold construction
E. Genzel: Support structures made of FRP
P. Voigt: Architectur / Design
Dr. V. Bayer: Calculation

Working in groups made it possible to design and manufacture seven loungers from GRP on a 1: 1 scale. They ended up differing not only in their seating position, but also in their various construction methods and types of formwork. The conditions set: a lost formwork, designing by model, and only using sketches instead of CAD. The decisive factor was not a perfect finished product, but the finish, proportion and usability, of the 1.2 mm thick or rather thin surface made of 3-4 layers of glass fibers in polyester. It was expected of the self-supporting, laminated FRP loungers to be able to bear the weight of a person over a span of up to 2 m.


  • SS 2003: as part of the university exhibition, faculties of media and architecture
  • Cologne Furniture Trade Fair 2005: with its own booth in Hall 1, in future point 05, model Dolores was even featured in the fair's hit guide
  • August, September 2006: Exhibition in the office of the decorator DasBüro, Jena

Student groups

  • Zapatones: Martin Edelmann, Pietro Fiorini, Michael Nieke, Marek Sander
  • JACK: Caroline Burk, Anne Kubik, Katharina Liebau, Janusz Menezla
  • Brazil30: Annekathrin Bake, Romy Berlin, Liane Scharff, Christoph Schuchardt
  • Jane Fonda: Joris Fach, Claudia Gerhäusser, Moritz Krefter, Franca Reifner, Felix Scholz
  • Dolores: Uta Bemert, Annette von Franqué, Gunter Klix, Anne Söfker
  • t.l. tube of love: Kejwan Gross, Kirsten Holland, Anke Müller, Nicolas Thiele

Seminar in collaboration with Prof. Gumpp, Chair of Design and Structural Design