plastic buildings

Collection of plastic buildings

Since the beginning of our research on building with plastics, we have been on the lookout for testimonies, examples, and above all, realized projects. We managed to find an abundant and varied amount of architectures and engineering structures made of fiber-reinforced plastics, foams, sheets and membranes. Thanks to private and professional contacts, often by chance, but also due to research in magazines and the internet, we  still find plastic structures that were unbeknownst to us.

This consistently expanding collection serves as the basis of our work. We aim to preserve these plastic structures for future generations. Analysing these gives us insights and ideas for possible new support structures and designs. But above all, we want to pass on this knowledge.

So please help us in discovering, preserving and researching further plastic structures.

To that end, please visit our blog.

Cooperation mit
Prof. Dr. phil. Friederike Waentig, CICS - Cologne Institute for Conservation Sciences, Institute for Restoration and Conservation Science, Objects made of wood and contemporary materials

Kunststoff Museum Verein e.V.

Plastic buildings in Germany and Europe