Dissertation Genzel

The thesis is on the matter of the application of fiber-reinforced plastics as part of structural engineering. Giving a historical overview of the 1950s to 1980s, it highlights how the previously unknown material was introduced to the building sector, which people and institutes were significantly involved in the introduction and development of FRP building, which support structures were used, how the pioneers assessed these structures and which structural features resulted from the use of FRP in the support structure.

After an introduction, Chapter 2 discusses the most important aspects in the development of GRP structures, whereas Chapter 3 elaborated on the methods for manufacturing GRP components and their joining. Chapter 4 outlines the support structures and discusses their individual composition in detail.

Assessment methods and their development are explained in chapter 5.. The summary then goes into the causes that led to the decline in building with FRP in the support structures. Ten exemplary buildings are discussed in detail.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ruth, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Bauhaus University Weimar
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Polónyi, retired
completed 06/2006


„Zur Geschichte der Konstruktion und Bemessung von Tragwerken aus faserverstärkten Kunststoffen – 1950 bis 1980“
(“On the history of the construction and assessment of structures made of fiber-reinforced plastics - 1950 to 1980”)